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When you talk about Granada you are talking about the Alhambra (Unesco World Heritage). The Moorish history but also a melting pot of both Catholic and Muslim influences. The old town and the real Andalusian intimate atmosphere are characteristic of the city. From la Casa en el Valle Granada is reachable by car within half an hour. In Granada you combine culture with shopping and good food.
Where can you go in Granada?



The Alhambra (Arabic: Red Palace) is a medieval palace and fortress of the Moorish rulers of the Kingdom of Granada in Andalusia (southern Spain). It is located on a hilly plateau on the southeastern border of the city of Granada.

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Sacromonte Granada


Sacromonte is the (former) district which gypsy Gitanos live and known for its cave houses and flamenco. The district is located high in the city behind the Alhambra. So it is a nice walk up but you can also take the bus or taxi. Sacromonte is higher and east from the Albaicin district.

Albayzin Granada


Albaicín is the old Moorish quarter of the Spanish city of Granada. The district is located on a hill right in front of the Alhambra which is connected to the district by a number of bridges over the river Darro. Albaicín consists of a maze of many typical narrow streets and squares and whitewashed houses.



These are the lush gardens of the Alhambra. These are so big that you can walk around in them for hours. In spring the gardens are at their best. There are many colorful flower beds and a perfume of scents.

Granada Kathedraal

Granada Cathedral

Built on top of the Mosque of Granada at the beginning of the 16th century this magnificent building is Spain's second largest cathedral. It was built during a transition in fashion so the foundations are Gothic even though the main structure and interior are from the Renaissance.