La Casa en el Valle

HThe idea for a house in Spain was born from the fact that we as self-employed people were looking for a way to invest in our pension. Since 2014, our plan was born to buy a house abroad and rent it out and possibly eventually spend our years. The question then was alone; True? Through some detours we finally arrived in 2016 at the Lecrin Valley in Andalusia. Without any knowledge of the area, we went on holiday with our children for 3 weeks in the summer of 2016 in the vicinity of the Lecrin Valley. Every week we visited a different location. In the meantime we also made contact with Danielle Gouwens, at home in Andalusia . After a pleasant contact, via email, we made an appointment with her. Danielle showed us a number of houses and also two pieces of land. The latter option had not yet occurred to us but it gave us food to think about. After some deliberation, our preference fell on the piece of land in Melegis and we had decided to go in depth and have a house built. From that moment on we entered into talks with a Spanish architect, Fernando Ortega OC Arquitectura . This resulted in a modern design. Together with Fernando Ortega and Victor Moreno, responsible for the construction, we have started building our modern Spanish house in a beautiful location. The house was completed in mid-2018 and we went several times to decorate it, where we ultimately celebrated our own holiday in the summer of 2019. The more we visited the more we felt at home. The place gives so much peace and nature is fantastic. For it feels like our second home.
The house has 5 bedrooms (10 beds) and 4 bathrooms, garage with table tennis table and dart board and of course a large swimming pool ans outdoor kitchen. It is therefore ideal for holidays with a larger group. We hope to have created a place for the ultimate holiday feeling!